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Mrs. Pork products in grocery store

Our BULK orders can include Pork Chops, Loins, Chef Prime Rib of Pork, Ribs, Sirloins, Tenderloins, Roasts, fresh Ham and more. Whole or half carcass available by special order. PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY


Tailgate with Mrs. Pork

Serve up Mrs. Pork at your next tailgate party and score BIG with your friends! Choose from several cuts that are perfect for grilling up before the game. Try our Chef Prime Boneless Chops and Boneless Pork Sirloin – YUM!  PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY!


Pork Inspirations Newsletter

Know Your Pork Cuts and Your Guide to Perfectly Cooked Pork – PORK INSPIRATIONS NEWSLETTER

Cooking Tips and Recipes for Mrs. Pork products

Pork Kabobs with Tequila

Pork Kabobs with Tequila and Pineapples

These Pork Kabobs with Tequila and Pineapple will make a tasty addition to your tailgate party. SEE RECIPE

Habanero and Honey Pork Chops

Hoppin Habanero and Honey Pork Chops

At your next tailgate, kick it up an notch with these tasty Hoppin Habanero and Honey Pork Chops. Serve with grilled salsa-cheese dip with chips and vegetables. SEE RECIPE

Tailgate Pork Sandwich

Tailgate Pork Sandwich

Liven up your next tailgate party with these marinated pork sandwiches. Be sure to have plenty of chips and your favorite side dishes. Recipe by Chef Tom Kenny of Mike Ditka’s Chicago Restuarant. SEE RECIPE


Located in Glencoe, MN, Mrs. Pork provides healthy, all natural pork to our customers. Our Certified Duroc Pork has the perfect combination of marbling, and tenderness to create a mouthwatering, tasty product. Mrs. Pork is available at many local grocery stores in addition to our Glencoe facility.    


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