Mrs. Pork products in grocery store

Our BULK orders can include Pork Chops, Loins, Chef Prime Rib of Pork, Ribs, Sirloins, Tenderloins, Roasts, fresh Ham and more. Whole or half carcass available to wholesale distributors. Consumers can find Mrs. Pork in many local grocery stores and served in several restaurants.


Tailgate with Mrs. Pork

Serve up Mrs. Pork at your next tailgate party and score BIG with your friends! Choose from several cuts that are perfect for grilling up before the game. Try our Chef Prime Boneless Chops and Boneless Pork Sirloin – YUM!  


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Cooking Tips and Recipes for Mrs. Pork products

Buffalo Pork Skewers

Buffalo Pork Skewers

These Buffalo Pork Skewers with Blue Cheese Sauce will make a tasty addition to your tailgate party. SEE RECIPE

Spicy Buffalo Pork Enchiladas

Spicy Buffalo Pork Enchiladas Recipe

Try this buffalo enchilada recipe with pork tenderloin instead of chicken. The buffalo sauce gives it the perfect kick! Top the enchiladas with crumbled Gorgonzola and cilantro before serving. SEE RECIPE

Buffalo Pork Ribs

Buffalo Pork Ribs

Forget the wings! Try your favorite buffalo sauce on a rack of ribs! Here is a simple recipe for mouthwatering buffalo pork ribs. The hard part is waiting for them to bake. SEE RECIPE


Mrs. Pork - All Healthy, All Natural PorkLocated in Glencoe, MN, Mrs. Pork provides healthy, all natural pork to our customers. Our Certified Duroc Pork has the perfect combination of marbling, and tenderness to create a mouthwatering, tasty product. Mrs. Pork is available at many local grocery stores and served in several restaurants.